Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama's NPP

Catching up on Fb after nonstop meetings today. Truly annoyed at the hate talk about the Pres receiving the NPP. Really? Unlike the Olympics, he didn't solicit it, didn't lobby for it and didn't *ask* for it. Let it go. Seriously.

Are others more deserving? Most likely. Are awards (beyond proven, hard-earned military honors) and award shows ever above board? Doubtful. And that's why I don't watch them. Did Reagan deserve one for certain things he did, as Kevin suggested? Probably. Is he all torn up about having not received one? I think not. Finally, if presented with the honor, what one of you would give a polite, "No thank you," to the committee? Let it go.

Get riled up about something that truly matters; and then do something about it. Effect positive change in your own lives.

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