Friday, December 3, 2010

Soapy Scales

Wife has "Days of Our Lives" on in the background. Whoa, what a flashback. Watched that in college looong ago. Victor, Vivian and Stefano are still on. Makes me wonder two things:

1. How different must the pay scale be for actors who do live TV every weekday, versus standard weekly TV or movies?

2. These actors are on these shows for decades playing the same character. I can't help but wonder how much their characters bleed into their real lives after that amount of time. After your 10th year or so of playing a completely different person, does your brain rewire itself so that, socially, you can only ever hang out and effectively interact with other soap opera actors (in the same way policemen or Navy Seals do)?

What a strange existence those long in the soapy tooth must have.

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