Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vote for Hope House for the September KC Twestival Charity

For those unaware, the Kansas City Social Media Club is joining the nation and the world in a new "twestival" next month to raise funds, this time, for a local charity. The committee solicited local groups in need and narrowed the list from 18 to six. Voting is now open on the finalist.

Please, please, please vote for this charity. Animals are essential companions and don't always get a fair shake. But right now, right this minute, families, *people,* are suffering as a result of the economic downshift. So many people newly out of work. This leads to domestic tension, financial troubles and a crumbling of family unity that can, tragically, lead to domestic violence as the stress of the world today begins to take hold.

I know that many people love animals (as I do), but without stable families, solid homes that have been disappearing by the thousands in the last 10 months, what hope do the animals have of salvation? Support the families first. Help the people first in these times so that they can eventually rebound and provide healthy environments for themselves and those pets they may eventually adopt.

Harvesters is a wonderful charity, but from my experience in the corporate world, the annual drive is hypercompetitive among all businesses in the KC area and nationally. Domestic abuse shelters *never* receive that level of consideration. While I've not been previously engaged with them, I'm certain these very local safe havens rely on individuals more than corporations to help fund their efforts. Now is the chance to change that, to put in the forefront of the minds of corporate and individual donors alike an important cause about which many of us are only occasionally made aware and all too often do nothing about (I'm guilty of this, too).

Vote, please, for Hope House, and give these broken families a chance to repair themselves or move on to brighter futures. Everyone affected can only benefit.

Thanks for your time.

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