Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Independents Day

What follows is my response to an article posted by a friend on Facebook regarding the upcoming general election. I do a great job of microblogging on Facebook and less well posting here. This is a start. Enjoy ...

For the first time, I am considering not voting despite challenging the apathetic for years with, "If you don't vote, you can't complain for 1,420 odd days."

My issue is larger than President Obama. My issue is (and has been) with the party that *cares* about those in need, but doesn't, as a party, have the balls to draw a line and fight for its own beliefs. Its campaign managers, advisors strategists have been brilliant individuals, but collectively, they couldn't market themselves out of a Ziplock Bag. They fail, always, at communicating their successes in a way about which their base and independents can feel warm and fuzzy, let alone excited.

Did I vote for the president because I believe in racial equality and was wanting to send a message? In part, yes. Plus, he was the democratic nominee (normally a no brainer). Plus his eloquence and passion were light years beyond that of his predecessor.

I believed. I still do a little bit. But I believed in him, not the machine. I was a party faithful, increasingly disgruntled as I became over time. I no longer consider myself an advocate for a cause that can't champion its worth even with the sharpest minds an ideal can draw.

I don't regret my choice in '08 one bit. But, looking forward, with a majority of my blame placed on those who espouse social policy directly informed by religious beliefs and in clear violation of the separation of church and state, I can't in good faith support the incumbent who has failed to fight (until now). His party allowed this. The air up there on the high road is very thin.

I am stepping down to take a breath or three and will -- either way, it seems at this point -- suffer through whatever the RNC money machine forces down my throat for the next, post-election eight years. Perhaps spilled oil will soften the sting of the barbs of social injustice headed our way.

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