Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Who survives? Google + or Facebook?

A friend just asked via Facebook whether Fb or Google Plus (+) would be the winner in two years. Here are my thoughts.

As with any new content system I've worked with in a corporate environment, the clean, shiny and new platform eventually becomes occluded and ultimately unusable. Facebook saved itself from the latter fate, in my opinion, by allowing us to hide pillows, sheep, farms, the mafia, and more. G+ is clean and ad free for now. Also, some of us pay ridiculously close attention to Fb privacy settings for a number of reasons. While G+ make *that* part simpler, the fact remains that those of us who have been on Google for years have already surrendered in some way to its algorithms. THAT is where Google has an advantage over Facebook. Google already knows so much about so many of us that they can incorporate the most lock-tight privacy we desire with no affect on their objective to know everything.

Knowledge is power. I don't fault either of them for wanting it. I have willingly participated on Google over the years, and cautiously participated on Facebook. (Notice how some of my posts that you see are Notes? There's a reason for that.) But I am always conscious of the fact that I am giving over my photos, docs and thoughts in the interest of engaging and sharing.

Based on all of that and more, I think G+ will win out. Google has achieved significant acceptance in so many ways already. I think they've struck gold here from a competitive standpoint (security, group video) in such a way that Facebook will never catch up.

What are your thoughts?

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