Wednesday, March 22, 2017

How my brain works:

This post (read first): 

Senate Bill S.442 which the President just signed into law, apparently. [Full text]

Thought process:

1. The Positive Me -- A bright, shining moment? A sign of his acknowledgment of reality? Funding the International Space Station and the mission to Mars. Thank you!! #GoScience

2. The Neutral Me -- He's looking to further the trend of privatizing space exploration and take the burden off of taxpayers while still acknowledging its relevance. (Seriously, it's boring and also fascinating as shit, but you should read the entire first link, the text of the bill.)

3. The Cynical Me -- He has to, like every newly elected official (in this case, by an archaic Electoral College and not popular vote) go with the flow of the river he stepped into. [Sorry. Had to go there.] He can't defund the U.S. contribution to the ISS. The mission to Mars? Establishing a domicile there? Perhaps. But not the ISS.

Alternately -- and again, Cynical Me -- he's scheming for opportunities to profit from having finished and taking credit for this mission in place for many years before he decided to run for office. This would cement (what a term to use in reference to a guy who grew up around mobsters in the Bronx!) his presidential legacy in a way that cannot be undone in future textbooks, especially since they all come out of Texas, these days.

Super Cynical Me: I've seen my fair share of sci-fi movies and have read a few books/series of Earth-ending scenarios. In every portrayal, there exists a Trump-like character who is thinking only of himself/his family. Their ticket out when shit goes down, but on an interstellar scale. 

If there exists such a plan to save the wealthy and significant, you can be assured he knows about it ... and is on the lowest end of the list. 

That's me. What say you?

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