Tuesday, January 10, 2017


I've been commenting this evening on a Facebook thread regarding what the Dems did right or wrong last year.

[Sorry. This is wide ranging, and entirely train of thought.]

I'm agitated. I've been screaming for years that except for '92 and '08, the DNC absolutely SUCKS at marketing itself. Over and over again I'm proven correct.

  • They take the high road. 
  • They talk logic, science and fact.
  • They express compassion ... empathy, even.

With the exception of the two cycles cited above, they fail miserably every time.

What they just don't understand is that reason and lack of hyperbole just doesn't play in a room where everyone on the other side is strapped with a gun belt, an ankle holster, brass knuckles, a set of throwing knives in the small of their backs and a shotgun tucked in their horse's saddle.

War, bare-knuckle brawling, football, hockey, dog fighting, dance moms and real housewives ... these are things that figuratively raise the roof among the basest of the base. Trump capitalized on these innate traits to great success, taking the #winning GOP "routine" to an entirely new level. 

The Dems have been serving high tea with an accompanying string trio while reading the words on a PowerPoint of tables and charts interspersed with images of polar bears on outsized, floating ice cubes.

We as a people are best served if BHO goes full-on equality in his post presidency. Get real. Get focused. Get rude! Get back to that activism that washed you into office in the first place. Earn that Peace Prize.

We as a people are best served if the DNC learns to Play. The. Damned. "Game."

I don't like that they have to go there, but they'll continue to get their clock cleaned unless they do.

I don't want to live in a theocracy centered around a "2,000-year-old" book, a 600-year-old book or a 70-year-old book.

I want to live on a planet where people respect and appreciate each other for their skills and talents and work ethic no matter what they look, dress, sound or smell like. A world where people aren't consumed by myths of imaginary beings or by real beings credited with imaginary myths.

Can we please just stop fucking  fighting one another and cast a vote on more than one issue ... please?

Seriously, who can legitimately deny that we are in a Death Spiral of Hatred? Party affiliation? Social networks? Families under the same roof?

Debate is healthy. 

We don't debate any longer.

Our lines are drawn. Our sides solidified.

"I am right. You are wrong. Period."

What the fuck is wrong with our collective wiring?

My personal echo chamber predicts these next couple of years will be a shit show of domestic and foreign policy.

I can't disagree. History tells me I cannot.

So tell me this, you liberals who think I'm conservative and you conservatives who think I am a ripe, red socialist: How do we fix this?
Ancillary question: Do you even *want* to fix this? Or would you prefer the status quo of vile hatred and infighting?

Tell me why. Truly, I want to understand.

Tell me what you -- in that office, in support of that individual *in* that office, white, brown, black or orange -- what would *you* do ...

... to fix this mess we face?

[Yes, I am watching BHO speak right now. He is not hitting it out of the park, yet. I look forward to a strong conclusion.]

Peace and love.

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