Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Verse 2

Making some massive headway on outstanding projects at the day job, much more than I hoped. People are being hired, the major database is moved thanks in total to a ridiculously dedicated employee, and a major template revamp initiative is apparently months ahead of schedule.

As it has been since March, I’ve earnestly attempted to move family matters higher in the realm of things to which I need to pay more attention. I think my ridiculously understanding wife would agree that I’ve made leaps and small bounds on that front in the second half of our first year of officialdom.

In my previous blog I mentioned that I needed some uncertainty, something I’ve never done before and never dreamed I could. Leaving a company I’ve loved to start my own has made me hyperventilate more than a few times.

Knowing what I am doing -- the ins and outs of what I’m offering -- comforts me immensely. Having provided these specific communications services repeatedly in the last decade with positive results, more recently in the context of social media, gives me incredible confidence in our success.

It’s wildly surprising to me how social media has become such a crazy passion of mine (of ours) in the last four years. Communicating in online formats ... that’s easy. Everyone does it. Doing it with purpose is a different story. Doing it with a strategy, with an infrastructure, within a framework that supports grassroots engagement ... well, that’s just bonus. And that’s what this new gig is all about, really.

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